Miniature Goats

There are several advantages to raising miniature goats. Not only do they make excellent pets, as they tend to be intelligent and personable, but miniature goats also take up less space and require relatively less feed than their larger counterparts.

Miniature goats are great for breeders looking to raise them on their homestead without worrying too much about the cost of farming and other related expenses. It is worth noting that small goats produce milk at a much lower rate than their larger counterparts, but the dairy produced generally has higher amounts of fat, giving it a much sweeter taste.

Miniature Goats

List of Small Goat Breeds

Here is a list of mini goat breeds arranged by height. We have also included crosses between different breeds that have resulted in miniature goats.

Goat BreedAverage Height (in inches)Average Weight (in lbs)Purpose
Pygmy15-2050-90Companions and pets
Mini Toggenburg16-2335-60Dairy
Nigerian Dwarf17-2040-75Dairy, also as pets
Nigora19-2960-135Dual-purpose for milk and fiber
Mini Oberhasli21-2350-75Dairy
Miniature Silky Fainting22.5-23.550-80Pets
Mini Nubian23-29100-135Dairy
Mini Guernsey24-2660-80Dairy
Miniature Boer24-2880-90Show
Kinder26-28115-150Dairy, mainly used in ice cream
Mini LaMancha27-2990-120Dairy
Mini Alpine28-2960-80Dairy, used in cheese and yogurt
Mini Saanen29-31125-150Dairy 
Nubian  30-35135-175Meat, milk, and hide 

Raising Miniature Goats

There are several things to keep in mind when rearing miniature goats.
a) Long Lifespans – On average, these goats live for over a decade. So, keeping them as a pet is a long commitment.
b) Space – Ensure that each goat in your herd has about 15-20 square feet to frolic about. This will reduce any tendency the goats might have to escape.
c) Diet – While there are widespread beliefs about goats being able to eat anything, they will have issues if they ingest plants that contain toxins. It is essential to make sure that they are well-fed so that they aren’t tempted to eat any plant they lay their eyes on.


1. What type of fencing is best for miniature goats?

The best fences for miniature goats must be made out of wire mesh with tiny openings, as goats are pretty intelligent and are known for escaping often. While the barriers can be electrified, it isn’t strictly necessary.

2. Can I milk a small goat with a machine?

Yes, it is possible to use a machine to milk a tiny goat.

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